Detoxipatch™ - The real detox cure (New formula)

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Pollution, food, tap water, vaccines, alcohol, tobacco... accumulate in our body toxins and certain heavy metals such as mercury, aluminum, lead or arsenic, and they have devastating effects.

When our natural metabolic functions can no longer eliminate these excess pollutants, our organism loses its resistance and our body reacts: headaches, coughs, asthma, allergies, insomnia, dull complexion, slow digestion, fatigue, water retention, weight gain,..

🍃 New natural formula (January 2021)

The synergy of the Detox foot patch ingredients
In the Asian tradition, it has been established for 5,000 years that waste is rejected by the heart and is concentrated under the feet. Our method gradually extracts toxins accumulated in your feet, absorbing waste from your body, working the same way as a medicinal herb.

According to an old Asian saying: "The foot is the mirror of our body". The bottom of the feet, which is also called 'the second heart' in the East, offers 62 acupuncture points related to the organs.

Our foot Patch Detox collects its benefits from the heart of minerals and plants.

TOURMALINE: this exceptional mineral is known to improve blood circulation. It ionizes and activates molecules, removing foreign cells.

WOOD VINEGAR: it contains more than 200 elements that promote the elimination of toxins.

SILICA: this is a highly fluid and porous substance.

PERLITE: this crystalline rock improves fluidity and absorption.

ARMOISE: it is used as a medicinal herb and is known to warm the body.

How to use detox foot patch

At bedtime, place a Detox foot patch under each foot, in the same area each time you use it (zones 1, 2 or 3 depending on your treatment. Details below). You can easily stick them with the adhesive provided. In the morning, the patches are wet, colored brown and can have an unpleasant smell. Throw them away, they are disposable.



Basic treatment (1 ZONE): 20 patches for 10 days.

This option targets zone 1 only, for 10 days >> zone 1 for 10 days. 

Complete cure (3 ZONES): 40 patches for 20 days.

This option targets zones 1,2&3, for 20 days >> zone 1 for 10 days, then zone 2 for 5 days and zone 3 for 5 days.

Reinforced treatment (3 ZONES): 60 patches for 30 days.

This option targets zones 1,2&3, for 30 days >> zone 1 for 15 days, then zone 2 for 10 days and zone 3 for 5 days.

At the end of the process, the patches will be soaked and colored, it means they worked!

You will notice a significant change as the treatment continues:

• At first, the patches will appear very oily, saturated with moisture. Your feet are sticky. You will need to clean them after the treatment!

• After a few days, the patches will remain slightly and colored but is no longer oily.




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